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With the theme Antidote, the only design and material innovation program for world fashion will present references for the 2022_I season.


A result of the abrupt change in daily life, caused by the pandemic, origin of the theme of Inspiramais´ next edition. The only design, innovation and sustainability program for materials for world fashion, the event will be held in digital format, on January 26 and 27 and will feature another 30 days of inspiring attractions. The Antidote theme is the result of an accurate look at the impacts of social distancing: new perspectives, more interaction with virtual tools, contemplation of nature, comfort and the search for ways to get out of this situation that paralyzed the world.

“Recluses, we turn our attention to our faith in search of calming feelings. We are looking for an antidote that will calm our fears and project our hopes”, observes Walter Rodrigues, coordinator of Inspiramais Design Center. For him, these challenging current events require reinvention. "Combining science, design, art and technology with principles of nature, transforming it into a source of creative inspiration, we will find incentives to innovate", he says.

An extensive survey conducted by the Research Center resulted in a series of inspirational references, in addition to the color palette for the 2022_I season. These are elements that will serve as inspiration for the footwear, accessory, clothing, furniture and jewelry segments, which seek innovative fashion for their collections. The concepts Naturar and Daily Life tie together the references linked to the theme.


From nature to everyday life

The creation of new materials from biodiversity, with innovative processes, multidisciplinary teams and cooperation are part of Naturar's meaning. For Walter, the pandemic made people appreciate the details more. “The Instagram-worthy sunset, for example, was part of the feed of those in quarantine who began to see the world through their home window”, recalls the coordinator of Assintecal´s Design center. This insight appears in the series of references, in the form of layers and bars, which can be incorporated into the materials. Bioprint, striations and ribs, on the other hand, originate from a more detailed look at nature.

“Daily life is complementary to Naturar. It touches on the lessons we learned during confinement. School, work, family: we adapted everything at the same time in our homes. The theme brings the idea of preservation, of caring for the family unit and for others. Thus completely changing the notion of daily life”, explains the designer. The cleaning routine, for example, is seen from the finishes on the surface, which are waterproof and easy to clean. An example of this care is in the fabric made of 65% copper, which offers antiviral protection that will inspire many companies in this direction. The idea of distancing can be seen in the large, bulky shapes that clothes have taken and on shoe soles which indicate protection. Games, streaming, the digital age denote a feeling of escapism present in a playful universe here called - Fantasist. "There are several elements here that will be a reference for buckles, ornaments, prints, heels and jewelry", concludes Walter.

What the Inspiramais Program is

The program begins with the formatting of behavioral research that will be the basis for the consultancy that Inspiramais´ Design Center will carry out with the exhibiting companies, with the objective of assisting the development of materials and the expansion of business with other fashion sectors. During the development of the materials, inspirational talks are given to manufacturers of ready-made fashion products, anticipating the theme that will be presented throughout the event. At the exhibit, we will present the materials developed based on research and more special projects that foster innovation and sustainability. There is a lot of content to inspire visitors, such as talks with specialists and national and international business rounds connecting buyers and exhibitors.

The program is a reference for the market for gathering information that unifies language and methodology for the entire fashion production chain all in one place. The first 100% digital edition took place in August 2020, connecting material launches, innovative projects and renowned speakers with visitors from around the world.


Inspiramais has promotion from Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Componentes para Couro, Calçados e Artefatos [Brazilian Association of Leather, Footwear and Component Companies] (Assintecal), Centro das Indústrias de Curtume do Brasil [Brazilian Tannery Industries Center] (CICB), Associação Brasileira das Indústrias do Mobiliário [Brazilian Association of Furniture Industries] (Abimóvel), Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos [Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency] (Apex-Brasil), through the By Brasil, Components, Machinery and Chemicals project and support from some of the country's main sector entities and partners, such as  Abest, Abiacav, Abicalçados, In-Mod, IBGM, Instituto By Brasil (IBB), ABVTEX, Francal, Ápice, Guia Jeans Wear, Abrafati and Trans Rubber.


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