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Although the pandemic caused by the coronavirus is not the first to plague humanity, it is a fact that for the majority of the world population, even the meaning of this word was not properly known until the beginning of 2020.

After almost 10 months immersed in a pandemic, we discovered in practice, its meaning: uncertainty, change, urgency, innovation and, above all, collaboration. Developed with the aim of inactivating the coronavirus, the IQX TECNOL AV additives went much further! Its broad spectrum of action also includes bactericidal, fungicidal and antistatic properties.

IQX technology is based on functionalized conductive polymers, capable of maintaining these properties throughout the product's life cycle. In this way, cross contamination between the product and the user is reduced or even eliminated, preventing it from acting as a virus and bacteria transmitting agent.

The antiviral action was proven in an independent laboratory following the Recommendations of ANVISA Art. 1 and Art. 3 of IN 04/13 and IN 12/16 and methodologies described in the standards (INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ISO 21702: 2019 (First edition 2019-05-27 ): “Measurement of antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces” and from the Robert Koch Institute - RKI) and in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Due to the high chemical compatibility, IQX TECNOL AV additives can be incorporated in a wide variety of polymers: NBR, NR, TPU, EPDM, EVA, PVC, PP, PE, etc. and also in solutions. About IQX We are a technology-based company in the chemistry area, founded in 2011.

Our purpose is to combine innovation and sustainability, in product differentiation and support in our clients' research & development activities.

We invite you to add to transform!

For more information contact: WhatsApp +55 19 99267 4877 or

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