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“Inspiramais is an indicator of market movement. The Exhibit has packed corridors, full booths, lots of exhibitors, this represents, at this moment, business heating up". This is a quote from Fernanda Resende, shoe designer at the Carmen Steffens brand. The professional is one of the many guests of the main Fashion Innovation and Design Exhibits of Latin America, which started today in São Paulo and continues until tomorrow, the 15th.

The designer arrived at the Inspiramais Caravans, which receives visitors from the most diverse regions of the country, such as Birigui, Franca, Jaú, Divinópolis, Nova Serrana, Criciuma, Juruaia, Brusque and Blumenau, from states such as São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.
“I have been attending Inspiramais for seven years, and I have worked with at least one supplier from each area that the Exhibit attends, such as accessories, leathers, trims, and I have been following its growth. Be sure to go by the space to see the latest news presented on site by partners and other exhibitors, and learn about the result of trends and research proposed by the research center of the Exhibit”, the visitor adds.

Celebrating a decade of national fashion incentive, Inspiramais reaffirms its driving position in an industry-wide process. “Today, we celebrate different factors coming together. From sustainability to innovation and technology, adding the efforts of companies from different segments to that, taking advantage of the transversality, the versatility that some have to transit between different sectors”, says Ilse Guimarães, superintendent of Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Componentes para Couro, Calçados e Artefatos [Brazilian Association of Leather, Footwear and Artifact Components Companies] (Assintecal). 

“The expectation for the season is to make the market aware of the need and importance of sustainable products and the inclusion of Start Ups for materials as new authors in this process that began with design”, the superintendent adds.

Among the Start Ups participating in the Exhibit, Trash Flow, from Novo Hamburgo at just eight months old, stands out with in lab development of projects for them and for third parties, products produced by partners, such as recycled soles, which reduces the value in 30 to 40% compared to the conventional product, as well as providing benefits to the environment. 

Kirimurê, on the other hand, presents recycled zirconia, used in footwear and jewelry, produced in the lab, with the same brilliance of the stone that was previously extracted from nature. The accessories company from Limeira also has a stainless steel line applied to garments and shiny and matte shoes of recycled origin, and the entire production is done by hand: welding, assembly, twisting and shaking. All of the chemicals used in the stamping process is collected by a company that reuses the material in the sewage system.

Seringô presents Amazonian rubber - collecting latex from native rubber plants, applied in different processes. The Belém do Pará NGO and Cooperative has everything from rubberized fabrics, organic cotton T-shirts stamped using Block Print - a process in which an aluminum scrap mold acts as a matrix for stamping the fabric embossed designs. Accessories, handcrafts draw attention, in addition to sandal production, a process that began with a thousand pairs a month, today is 10 thousand and can reach up to 100 thousand, as the demand of the increasingly interested partners that appear. This work began by training 4 families in 2015, 40 in 2017, and hopes to train 200 by the end of this year.
Santa Barabara Doeste's Innovativ flat weaving, which operates in apparel, footwear, accessories, furniture and automotive, features cotton, linen and mixed viscose textured jacquard products and the sustainable line of naturally colored cotton with constructions and recycled cotton, items of natural and tactile appeal.

Inspiramais takes place at the Pro Magno event center, today is the last day. Unique in its kind in Latin America, the Materials Design and Innovation Exhibit is a milestone in the history of genuinely national identity-building projects. The Exhibit is a reference point for the entire market, responsible for driving a process that involves the entire industry, serving the footwear, furniture, automotive, clothing, accessories and jewelry sectors, gathering information that unifies language and methodology for the entire fashion production chain. With free admission for industry professionals, buyers and opinion makers, Inspiramais currently welcomes around 7 thousand visitors to see products with innovations in creation, design, sustainability and technology first hand, out of 1,000 products displayed by more than 180 companies. 

Inspiramais has promotion from Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Componentes para Couro, Calçados e Artefatos [Brazilian Association of Leather, Footwear and Artifact Components Companies] (Assintecal), Centro das Indústrias de Curtume do Brasil [Brazilian Tannery Industries Center] (CICB), Associação Brasileira das Indústrias do Mobiliário [Brazilian Association of Furniture Industries] (Abimóvel), Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos [Brazilian export and investment promotion agency] (Apex-Brasil) and support from some of the country's main sector entities, such as Abest, Abiacav, Abicalçados, In-Mod, IBGM, Instituto By Brasil (IBB), ABVTEX, Francal, Ápice, Guia Jeans Wear, Abrafati and Trans Rubber. It also has institutional support from Serviço Brasileiro de Apoio às Micro e Pequenas Empresas [Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprise] (Sebrae) and is sponsored by Cipatex, Altero, Bertex, York, Sprint Têxtil, Caimi&Liaison, Brisa/Intexco, Cofrag, Advance Têxtil, Endutex, Colorgraf, Componarte, Branyl, Aunde Brasil, Suntex Brasil, Camaleoa, Top Shoes / Pettenati and Soares Materiais para Calçados.

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