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One of the Moda Agora editions presents the references and trends of the upcoming collections from the children's universe, a market increasingly in tune with the universe of technology: digital influencers and celebrities from the world of social media. More than being in fashion, children have immediate access to the styles they enjoy, and creativity.

Applying fashion and trend understanding that permeates the adult universe with playful language, and keeping up with trends is already a must in the industry, with color schemes, inspiring colorful inspirations and modern patterns - all to make it even more fun! The raw materials must also be unique to capture kids' attention, with components that allow for play or fantastic prints that seem to have come right out of a magical story! 

Get out there in style to accompany these mini fashionistas! Check it out:

The heart - which has always been an element associated with a romantic and childish style - has reinvented itself and comes into the forefront now in a very modern way playing with pop aesthetics. The protagonism of this romantic female icon will give shape to the bags, appearing in hollow metals, buckles and act as a beautiful accessory to adorn their hair and jewellery. In appears quite a lot in the print of pieces combined with black, pink and red, playful designs, stylized, minimalist or even in macro patterns. Let your heart beat and escape from the normal! 


Belts buzz hard this season!   Belts - which are usually not the first choice for an accessory for a look, but are more of a complement - already prove that they can make all the difference in your look.

Versatile and come with countless design possibilities, colors, trims and embellishments to create amazing pieces. The tip is to opt for bulky, structured and leather-based belts to create an interesting contrast to your look! Powerful colors and buckles can be quite baroque and minimalistic, playing with unique and elegant shapes and finishing touches for any season!

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